Adult 1

  I couldn't wait to get home, to get back to her. Work was terrible today. My boss is a bitch who thinks the world owes her everything along with all the people in it. 

  The taxi ride was quiet and calm until the driver pulled onto my street. I looked at my apartment window on the 4th floor and saw her shadow on the curtains. My heart began to race as I watched her walk back and forth. I paid the driver and started walking up the stairs. 

  The door was locked, strange, it is never locked. We don't even lock it at night. I grabbed my key and opened the door, confused when i heard the sexual moans of my girl. What was she up too this time?

  I followed the moans to the bed room where i found another man fucking my wife. "Hi." I said.

  She looked up at me and smiled. "Baby girl you are finally here, this is my friend Josh, we decided we would suprise you and have some real fun tonight." she smiled pulling a bottle of Vodka out from under the bed. "Lets play."

  They pulled me onto the bed and started removing my cloaths. My pants were slowly pulled down as Kilee kissed the inside of my thy. Josh pulled my shirt off and unhocked my bra and Kilee yanked my panties off and started licking my pussy making me wet while Josh kissed me hard and squeezed my boobs hard enough to make me squirm under his weight. 

  Kilee pushed two fingers inside my pussy and licked my clit faster and faster until i was dripping wet. She licked up my fluids as they flowed out. Josh and Kilee switched places. I was flipped onto my hands and knees with Kilee laying on her back in front of me with her legs spread open for me. 

  Josh smacked my ass and rubbed my pussy with his hard cock before he slowly pushed it inside me thrusting faster and harder with every passing second. I licked Kilee's inner thys until i reached her clit and sucked on it. She moaned louder and louder, same as i did matching her moans with my own.

  We all fucked for the rest of the night until about 4:30 in the morning before Kilee and I both came at the same time crying out with pleasure as we squirted our cum all over the bed.


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